Episode 20

a peculiar hobby #0 与来信

February 25th, 2019

41 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

介绍接下来会做的新系列「a peculiar hobby」,以及反馈收到的来信。

「a peculiar hobby」序言

不可理论 6 后人文主义宣泄

不可理论 7 创作者无法回避任何问题

E08 游戏中的女性凝视

E09 如何应对存在主义危机

  • 影响R君的作者导演:小津安二郎、是枝裕和、李沧东

E10 性的、共振的、虚拟的身体


  • Giorgio Agamben (1990), The Coming Community 里提到 Glenn Gould: Even though every pianist necessarily has the potential to play and the potential to not-play, Glenn Gould is, however, the only one who can not not-play, and, directing his potentiality not only to the act but to his own impotence, he plays, so to speak, with his potential to not play.

BGM: 増田俊郎 - 籠のなか